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Time for School!

Fall is here and someone just started preschool! Up until now, she has been home with one or both of us. So this is a big transition for everyone. As with most (all?) of the big transitions she has been … Continue reading

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Summer days in our old/new town

We’re returning to something of a routine here in our old but new home.  While some folks thrive on routine, I seem to wither a little with too much of it.  I tend to agree with Paulo Coehlo on this subject: … Continue reading

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Dresses, shoes and veggies

Here are some of the latest happenings on our home front… Have I already mentioned that Mia has discovered the concept of “mine”?  Pretty much everything is MINE!  “I show you, Mama/Papa!” And, oh my, the dresses!  She doesn’t want … Continue reading

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