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Spring Recap

We’ve been having our usual windy, New Mexican spring here in Albuquerque. The weather has been alternating between warm, cold, warm, cold with periodic WINDY days since February. El Niño is in effect right now, which means NM will get more than … Continue reading

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Happy Solstice and I’m Not a Complete Scrooge

Mia didn’t know who Santa Claus was until a few days ago. We had pretty much skipped the whole Christmas thing up until this year. But here we go…. She was fine with Santa. (Note that her Papa has a beard so … Continue reading

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Mia Milestones

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve had all sorts of big changes around here.  The way things worked out, it just so happened that these three things all happened on the same day (Monday of last week)! First, Mia made her … Continue reading

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Mia in March

Ahhh, spring is springing here and we’re glad for that.  The Spring Solstice is right around the corner!  Mia is fabulous and we, her parents, are doing pretty well ourselves. I’ve had some requests for putting photos on Picasa or … Continue reading

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