Baby through Kindergarten Books

This section includes books for children from birth through kindergarten age (roughly 0-5 years old), and even in utero reading. Books are grouped into deliberately broad subcategories: In Utero, Babies through Toddlers, and Toddlers through Kindergarten. See my note about age-appropriateness on Reading page. Also see other reviewers at bottom of this page. Happy Reading!

My Three Chosen Books for Reading In Utero: 

Yes, we read to our Little Bean in utero. I am that lady — I think reading is SO important that it should be part of in utero bonding. Why read to your child while s/he is still in utero? Because they can actually hear you and it is never too early to begin reading! These books were chosen before I had much knowledge of children’s literature but I still recommend these.

Babies through Toddlers

Toddlers through Kindergarten 

Other Reviewers and Reviews

Megan Daley is a librarian in Australia who maintains this excellent site: Children’s Books Daily

A Mighty Girl provides “The world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls”. The link included here is to their book reviews. Their Facebook page also provides excellent little blurbs of past and present Mighty Women, with fascinating and inspiring info for adults and children alike.