Baby and Kid Stuff

Of course you do need some stuff for babies and kids but — trust me, on this — you don’t need nearly as much stuff as “they” will tell you. The key, in my humble opinion, is to be aware of your style and preferences, do your research, and buy fewer quality products.

Clothes — Tea Collection — My favorite kids’ clothes company!

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Other Things

Nambe Baby Set This is the greatest, most durable set of baby/toddler utensils available and it is also a keepsake.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair — This is the perfect chair for dining with your little one pretty much anywhere!

Nose Frida — The Nose Frida lets you suck the snot out of your kid’s nose. Thus, it allows your kid to get better faster, you to get more sleep, and your whole family to be happier. Simply amazing! Absolutely essential.

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier and the Ergobaby Infant Insert — I shopped high and low for baby carriers and read for hours about the pros and cons of each. We walked all over the place with our daughter, and she loved being right up next to us. (This is a separate topic, worthy of separate post, but I think worth mentioning here: any on-your-body carrier, and this one especially, is soooooo much better than slinging baby around in a hand-held carseat. Think of the odd, jerky movements that babies are subjected to in those things. Incomparable!)

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier — The Moby Wrap was better for the early months and I like that you can more evenly distribute baby’s weight on your body: because it is a wrap, you can spread out the cloth instead of focusing weight on two narrow straps.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair — These little potties are helpful for learning to potty. They are much less intimidating than climbing up to the big and kind of loud toilet. I suggest that every household have at least one of these, if not more.

Squatty Potty — We stumbled upon the Squatty Potty in the most unlikely place and bought one for us parents to use, then we discovered that it actually serves two purposes: First, as intended by its designers to improve adult elimination (better bowl function & healthier gut…seriously!!); and second, as the PERFECT toddler-potty-step-stool.

The Land of Nod — Great toys, furniture, and storage stuff

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Shutterfly  — My favorite place for cards, stationary, calendars, photo books, invitations and more.

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