About the blog

Why am I writing One Moore In The Oven? It started way back in 2011, when we wanted to share news of our growing baby. I was pregnant, thus the name of the blog, and we lived far away from all of our family and many dear friends. So I created One Moore In The Oven in April 2011, so they could follow along. I’ve have been blogging continuously since then with a few short breaks here and there.

The blog has since evolved from a photo-pages and share-our-life thing to a write-what-I-am-thinking-about thing. The byline is “Reflections on Growing a Person” and that still holds true: We’re all growing ourselves, every moment of every day. If you happen to be a parent, everything you do also contributes to the growth of your child(ren), too. So, I’m sticking with the original name.

I love to write, and this blog helped to remind me of that truth. Previously, I wrote mostly technical stuff — scientific papers and the like — and hadn’t done much non-technical writing in ages. Now I write here. And why not share it with the world?

I write NOT because I have all the answers, but because I am seeking my own answers. Writing helps me find the right questions and even some of the answers.


Happy Reading!

Stephanie (December 2015)