I am Stephanie, owner and author of One Moore In The Oven. I do NOT have all the answers…not even close! Writing helps me find my answers and that is why I have this blog. 


One of my favorite spots

I am a woman, daughter, sister, niece, grandchild, and cousin. I am a gardener, fabulous cook, foodie, world traveler, and aspiring polymath. I am oh-so-close to being bilingual. Way back when we had a TV, I used to cry at cheesy commercials. My favorite character trait is tenacity; some people might refer to this as stubborn.

2000 Wedding on St. John

We got hitched in in the Virgin Islands

I never wanted to get married because almost every adult I knew had been divorced at least twice. And then I fell in love and got married to my best friend. Then I became a wife! We’ve been married, mostly happily, since 2000! Marriage is awesome and, yes, lots of work. But guess what: everything takes work! If you marry your best friend, then it is totally worth it.


Dinner at our favorite establishment

Dinner at our favorite establishment

Husband and I pondered procreation (and practiced the basics) for a little more than ten years and then had a baby girl in 2011. This was the original impetus for the blog – See original About page here. Then I became a Mama! Husband and I are working hard to raise a kind but fierce, free-thinking child who trusts and follows her own heart, and is not constrained by stereotypes or hand-me-down biases. (Check back in 20-40 years as to how that works out.) We have no idea what we’re doing but making it up as we go!

I am a reader, a writer, a project manager and a scientist. The more I read, the longer my reading list gets. Writing is relaxing and therapeutic. Multidisciplinary earth sciences are fascinating to me, especially hydrology. (Oh, hey: I am a hydrologist! You can check out my professional résumé here if you are into that sort of thing. But shhhh, don’t tell my clients I use four-letter words. None of them do! ;)) Everything is connected – and water connects everything! I love to explore those connections. I get excited about math (e.g., dimensional analysis, multivariate statistics, ) and even more so about teaching people not to fear math and science.

I like to ignore stereotypes, challenge the status quo and encourage independent thought. I am pretty sure that I would have been burned at the stake if I were born much earlier. I feel privileged to live at this moment in time, when everyone can choose between following the old rules and making up their own. I prefer the latter. [*I now recognize/acknowledge that this is a privilege of my skin color and socioeconomic position.]

People amaze and inspire me. I want to understand the world, or at least a little bit more of it. My rational brain often loses out to my emotional/spiritual heart, as is obvious when you read this: I believe that it is possible for the world to live in peace and that love can overcome hate.

I certainly don’t have all the answers but writing helps me find more of them.

p.s. I have a decent polysyllabic vocabulary but sometimes prefer plain, old four-letter words such as ‘f#@k’ just because. Now here is the important part: If you are offended, then you should leave now. Otherwise, WELCOME to my little corner of the interwebs. Hope you find something of interest or at least mildly entertaining herein.

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  1. Ruthie turbidy says:

    So cool. I did not know you wrote this!!


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