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A World of Pleasure in Contrariness

I just watched Bill Moyers’ interview with Wendell Berry (thanks, Adriane, for sharing the link!). After reading many of his books, poems and essays, it was a pleasure to listen to this interview and hear him speak about so many things that are close … Continue reading

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Yelapa Flashback and Book Review: Happy

Because we were living in Yelapa when I ‘discovered’ this song and the mysterious workings of my inner mind, Pharrell’s song “Happy” will always make me think of Yelapa. How appropriate, no? Continue reading

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The small things

The small things add up….at least, I like to believe they do. Let girls build. They can still wear pink (or blue) AND build, design, construct, and supervise. Let boys cook. They can still wear blue (or pink) AND cook, create, … Continue reading

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Raise Children to Defy Stereotypes

If we truly want to our children to defy stereotypes, we’re going to have to refrain from indoctrinating our children with our old dysfunctional ones. Continue reading

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Bananas with thyme and circular conversations

Saturday was one of those perfectly blissful days. One of those days were I wish I could bottle that feeling and remember every moment for ever. We spent the whole day together and we spent most of the day cooking. The kitchen … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

We reveled in no plans at all for this, our first day of the New Year. The whole family got to hang out together all day long. No work for anyone! The child loves days like that, and of course … Continue reading

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