There Are No Phone Calls in My World

The boss has declared: “There are no phone calls in my world.”

In the parlance of our three-year old, this basically means that ALL of our attention should be on her and HER ALONE. And that means ALL THE TIME, thank you very much. As if anything or anyone else matters more than her…Geez! Just hang up the phone and give me your attention! Right now!

Note that even if the child is playing happily on her own before any offending phone call begins, that is besides the point. Whatever she was doing is now done (boring, unimportant, completely forgotten). The single and urgent goal is to END ALL OUTSIDE COMMUNICATION except that which directly involves her. Attempts to temporarily placate her with some sort of “Just a minute, please” or “Yes, I hear you and I will be there in two minutes” are interpreted as an egregious assault to her rightful place as the center of the universe.

Like so many things with parenting, this is something that makes me wonder if I/we are too soft or too indulging. Please tell me this is typical behavior for a three-year old. Only a phase, right?

This may sound totally ridiculous, but I swear that our dogs did the same thing! They didn’t like it when I was on the phone either. Seriously, they’d be asleep or lounging somewhere comfy, totally content, then once I’d get on the phone, they’d start pacing around my feet, “talking” to me and requesting attention.

Here are some pics of the boss, who is usually delightful, despite the periodic — ok, she’s 3! — frequent edicts.

Yep, I’m only half-way kidding about her being the boss.


About Stephanie

I am a mother and a wife, lady scientist, gardener, fabulous cook, foodie, world traveler, and aspiring polymath. I like to ignore stereotypes, challenge the status quo and encourage independent thought.
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1 Response to There Are No Phone Calls in My World

  1. My 3yr old does the same thing! Even my older children will tell her, mom’s on the phone hold on. Nope, she keeps asking or saying whatever she’s saying. Until I’m off. And ten she has to know who I was on the phone with and “what her say?” Lol. I think it’s normal. Not sure about the dogs 🙂


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