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There Are No Phone Calls in My World

The boss has declared: “There are no phone calls in my world.” In the parlance of our three-year old, this basically means that ALL of our attention should be on her and HER ALONE. And that means ALL THE TIME, … Continue reading

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Summer Silliness

Ah…the glorious days of summer continue! It had been pretty warm for a while here, even getting up into the 100’s for several days. Of course, it is especially fun to play with the hose when it is so warm … Continue reading

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The Perfect Injury

Life gives us lessons. We, as parents, wait patiently for the lessons to happen (both for us, the parents, and for our wee ones). Last week, we had the perfect injury. Wait…you don’t know what a “perfect injury” is? That means … Continue reading

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Simple Things

Laundry on a clothesline makes me happy. I’m not sure why. Maybe it triggers happy childhood moments? Maybe it reminds me of our Yelapa days, when we hung most of our laundry out to dry (including our personal clothes and linens for 8 … Continue reading

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Backyard Play is the Best

Some days, we make big plans and then bag ’em, just because it is so fun to stay home and dink around in the backyard. Nowhere to go, no timelines set, no instructions given, no guidelines provided. Direct your own adventure. … Continue reading

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