Her Chariot Awaits

Mia’s Chariot: much more fun than a car!

Checking out the river

Checking out the Rio Grande (May 27th, streamflow was about 2,800 cfs)

Really, it IS a Chariot. Check out the new ones here: https://www.bikekidshop.com/thule-chariot-carriers-c-156.html

We found ours on Craig’s List about two years ago. It has had at least two previous owners, and it was in great condition when we bought it. We rolled all over Dolores, CO, with that set up. We mostly used it as a bike trailer but also used it as a stroller. Although we never tried it, Chariots can even be pulled behind a person on cross-country skis!

Then, we spent five months without a car living in the seaside, jungle village of Yelapa. There are no cars there, so we walked everywhere. Our only motorized transport during that period was by boat to and from the “big city” and then by bus or taxi once in Vallarta (no car seats!).

Upon our return to Albuquerque, Mia was even more disenchanted with car travel than she was before our departure. (She wishes we could travel by boat more often. We’re not sure how well that would work for NM.) Lucky for her, we had carefully selected the location of our home in relation to her new school/parks/markets/museums/rivers, etc. As often as possible, we try to make sure that the Chariot is how we roll.

Alas, Mia will soon be too big for her Chariot so we will sell it again (on Craig’s List, of course!) and then we’ll have to find another mode of transportation. Any suggestions?

p.s. How did I know how much water was in the Rio Grande on May 27th? I found it here: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nm/nwis/uv?site_no=08330000 and you can find out how much water is in your rivers (past and present) here: USGS Streamflow Conditions for the US. Real-time data and historical measurements. Science is sooooooo cool!

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