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Recitation and twirling factors

The fun continues! Here is a little video clip of Mia reciting one of her favorite books:  Unfortunately, I ran out of memory pretty early on so I’ll have to try to capture the whole story another time. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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The Year Begins

We now return to our regular, non-holiday schedule: cooking, playing, walking, learning, etc. A few notes about these pics: Mia likes to cook. She often says something like, “So, Mama, what should we make for dinner today?” She particularly enjoys scrambling eggs, making … Continue reading

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Holiday fun

At long last, here are some photos from our recent holiday… My favorite part was Christmas Eve, both the experience and the preparation for it. Luminarias or farolitos are a tradition in our town. They are fun to make, lovely … Continue reading

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Who is this for?

It is already the 6th of 2015!! But before we look at holiday photos….Quick! Answer this: Are these gifts for a boy or a girl?   Hmmmmm…..(Wine not included, just the doc and building set.) I can’t wait to hear what … Continue reading

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