Happy Solstice and I’m Not a Complete Scrooge

Mia didn’t know who Santa Claus was until a few days ago. We had pretty much skipped the whole Christmas thing up until this year. But here we go….

She was fine with Santa. (Note that her Papa has a beard so that party wasn’t scary, although Santa’s mustache was crooked, it bothered me and she didn’t notice.) We had prepped her and told her about his nice man named Santa Claus who brings gifts to all the children of the world on the special day. As you might expect with a 3-year old, she trusts her parents so she was all on board with the guy named Santa Claus. After she had heard our first introduction, she would say things like “Santa Claus is a good man, right?” (as a side note, this is similar to her response to our prepping her to go see the doctor for vaccinations or the dentist). So she was pleasantly surprised when she met him and all she had to do was sit in his lap and smile for a picture. And she got a gift, too (small stuffed gingerbread man)!

We also went to the tree lighting in Old Town, which was pretty cool. It was a full moon rising over the 300-year old church (San Felipe de Neri, established in 1706 though current structure was rebuilt in late 1700’s), a local school choir, and hundreds of our neighbors in Old Town.

Besides the cool guy with the white beard and the big tree, there are “party lights” everywhere! And we have this special little tree in our house, with all these ornaments. It is a little difficult that we can’t touch all the ornaments and rearrange them EVERY DAY but still it is cool to look at. Overall, good things. She sooooooo has noooooo idea that there will be presents under the tree on the special morning! (And, yes, I am getting excited about seeing how excited she will be on that morning!)

Of course, life goes on with or without the arbitrary holiday schedule so here are some pics from our regular days…

Now back to the Holidays: Besides the obligatory picture with Santa, our plans include luminarias (if you don’t know what those are, google it or stay tuned for pics), visits with friends, video-chats with long-distance family & friends, good food and as much family time as we can squeeze into these short days.

Despite my misgivings about this confounding holiday, I must admit to thoroughly enjoying the JOY that Mia is clearly feeling about it all. She still has lots to learn (Don’t we all?!? Especially me!) but we have begun introducing the American Christmas to our daughter. We will try hard to teach her the good things about “the holidays” at this stage in her life, and allow her to observe all of it. I try to put my feelings about this frenzied, commercialized, consumeristic “holiday” aside and see it from the sparkles in her eye and the pure joy in her being. Looking at it that way makes it all seem better.

Hope you all are enjoying the shortest day(s) of the year! Here’s to longer days, and PEACE and LOVE for all people of all colors and all countries!

About Stephanie

I am a mother and a wife, lady scientist, gardener, fabulous cook, foodie, world traveler, and aspiring polymath. I like to ignore stereotypes, challenge the status quo and encourage independent thought.
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