Winter days

It is still cold here. OK, not really that cold…it is actually raining right now though it is supposed to turn to snow sometime in the next few hours. We’ll see. Fortunately, we (meaning Aaron) put the lights up on our house before the rain began. Mia calls them “party lights” and is stoked with our less than extravagant display.

Looking so grown up!

Looking so grown up!

Mia’s school did their Winter Performance this week and it was adorable. As you might expect, the Primary Kids (3-6 yrs old) had mostly support roles, but they did their parts quite well. Mia has been practicing the songs for several weeks now (maybe even a couple months) and she sang every word. I’m really impressed that all the youngsters managed to stay relatively still and quiet for the duration of the almost-1-hour show. I’ll post some videos soon.

Mia is getting bigger all the time so we’ve been getting rid of stuff she has outgrown and acquiring a few new things — both clothes and toys. We included her in the process for which toys to get rid of and which to keep, although her decisions were subject to executive veto. In some cases, I just had to keep a few little things as keepsakes. We just sent two big boxes of our favorite toys and clothes to good friends with new babies, and took several bags of stuff to a local charity. You may be aware that I kind of stress out about excess stuff  (e.g., scared-of-stuff-and-hopeful) so I am always a bit surprised when I find myself wanting to hang on to a few mementos. It makes it easier to give those things to a good friend. And then there is a small box of things that I am going to keep forever, so there.

Getting rid of clothes, on the other hand, was a clandestine operation because our little fashionista doesn’t give up dresses easily. Fortunately, we’ve recently acquired a plethora of hand-me-downs and a few new things that meet her standards. In fact, after scrolling through the pics below, you will probably be able to tell which are her favorites.

Here are a few more pics of the past month…

That’s all for now. Good night.


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