This is how we do Halloween and more random Fall pics

I almost forgot it was Halloween! How is it possible that I could forget it was Halloween, you ask? The main reason is that we did a disappearing act for Halloween this year. That’s right, we just left town and headed up to Northern New Mexico. We don’t even have cell phone coverage! No candy, no costumes, no tricks. Just our little family, lots of quiet, good food, lovely views and (some) chocolate and ice cream.

Lake house view

Lake house view

We actually do enjoy Halloween but the candy is a bit much for little ones and since Mia isn’t really aware of the whole concept yet, and our neighbors’ lovely lake house was available, we decided to come up here instead. We have plenty of time for Mia to decide on her own costumes in the not-so-far-future.

Since we’re on our first official vacation since returning to the U.S. in May, I’m taking the opportunity to provide you all with a photo update. So here we go, starting with some random fall photos…

We had a GIRLS’ TRIP weekend with a visit from two of our best friends & one of their daughters. Aaron escorted our troupe around town for most of the weekend. We had a ball and have decided to make it an annual adventure. [Sidenote — We might even allow the guys and kids to join for part of future trips, location TBD.] We ate a lot of good food, talked, played drums and cards, and checked out our local parks and science museum. It was awesome.

Oh and back to this lake house thing…We have the COOLEST neighbors in the world; they  are sooooo generous and gracious to share their special place with friends and family. Besides the actual house, they built a gorgeous play house for their twin granddaughters; Mia is a big fan. This morning, Mia said, “Mama, I like lake houses.” They not only allow us to stay here, they encourage it! Pat and Steve — you guys are awesome!

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! Check back next year, at which time, I am sure our 4-year old will have told us in advance exactly what she wants to be and exactly what she wants to do for this holiday. DSC_0922 - Version 2 p.s. For those of you who are still freaking out about no cell phone coverage (!!), don’t worry: we do have marginal coverage. We can get/send texts but can’t seem to make or receive phone calls. And obviously, we do have WiFi. Whew!

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