We’re back home in the Land of Enchantment and we’re even approaching a state that might be considered “settled”.  Our basement and garage are still full of partially unpacked boxes, and we still have framed photos and art leaning up against the walls, but we’re getting there.  We’re getting reacquainted with urban living in our adopted hometown, and enjoying walking to museums, the Biopark, the Aquarium, restaurants and all the parks around town.

I’m woefully behind in sharing pics and updates with you all: over a month without a post!   You might guess that photo organization and sharing is not a top priority right now; however, I know that we have devoted fans  Mia has grandparents and admirers who want to see what is up.

Now that we’re back in the land of SUPER HIGH SPEED internet, I’ve finally been able to upload a random collection of videos.  And, I am sure everyone loves to hear a 2+ year old recite stories.  Of course she is not actually reading, but she knows the stories well and can recite them all on her own.  In addition to reciting a story while looking at the pictures, she also recites a handful of poems all on her own.  She does this without prompting, and often several days or even weeks after we’ve read that particular book of poems.  She even does several poems in Spanish (Pito Pito Colorito and Tortillita).  I may be biased but she has an amazing memory!

So here are a few videos of Mia reciting stories and a poem (I included lyrics/text on the You Tube about page for each clip since it is not always easy to decipher someone else’s kid’s language):

  • The earliest recitation I recorded, small portions of one of her favorite books I Love You Through and Through.  Colorado house, November 2013.
  • She loves Curious George Goes to a Costume Party!  I have to admit I even hid it once, shortly before this video, because Aaron and I had read it SO MANY TIMES!  Of course, she started asking for it and I caved.  Yelapa house, early April 2014.
  • Reciting Cincirinella (an Italian nursery rhyme from Rhymes From Around the World) while we were walking home from the river.  She is really sleepy and kind of zoned out, and I was “sneaking up on her” with the camera, hoping that she wouldn’t quit as soon as she saw the camera.  Colorado house, early May 2014.

As a random aside, here is a video of a humpback jumping during our last month in Yelapa:

Now back to Mia, it is actually a little tricky to capture this stuff on video because she tends to be pretty shy when it is on.  So these 3 videos are only a teeny sample of her repertoire.  For those of you who think Mia doesn’t talk much (which is perfectly reasonable thing to think because she is so often quiet around people she doesn’t know well), this may give you a glimpse of the amount of talking she does.  Just imagine how many times we’ve read these stories!  I think I might have to send this link to her pediatrician, who hasn’t seen her in over a year….Last week, at her check up, he asked me this standard question:  “Is she able to form basic sentences?”  Ha!

Happy spring!

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I am a mother and a wife, lady scientist, gardener, fabulous cook, foodie, world traveler, and aspiring polymath. I like to ignore stereotypes, challenge the status quo and encourage independent thought.
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