Still waiting for Spring

Almost a month without a post, which means we have been busy here. We’ve had several visitors this past month, we’ve have been busy finishing the chicken coop and also starting new jobs & schedules.  We’ve had hints of spring (though that seems like ages ago now), return to winter, wind and wicked dust storms, and our share of the usual blue-sky days.  And about those windy days: seriously folks, the National Weather Service has provided this enticing forecast on more than one day: “Blowing Dust”.  Ahhhhh….spring in the southwest.

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We had a lovely time hosting our guests and are thrilled that Mia gets to spend time with some of our favorite folks.  And, we really appreciate all the help on the chicken coop, date night,  and fun play time with Mia.  The hens are happy in their new home and we’re all looking forward to warmer weather.

p.s. This is the first time I have used the ‘gallery’ method of posting photos, which allows you to see the photos in a slide show mode.  Let me know if you like it or if you prefer the old method of single photos inserted throughout the blog.  I posted a couple of my favorites below, in the old method, just because.

Sweet girl

Sweet girl

Silly and sassy girl, too!

Silly and sassy girl, too!

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