Crawling and wrapped up

Mia is on the verge of crawling. She has two methods of getting into the crawling position: one is as pictured below, where she moves from seated position to ready-to-crawl, and often back to seated position or perhaps forward onto her tummy; the other is from her tummy crawl position (in yoga, the Cobra pose), where she is starting to pick up her belly and butt off the floor.  She spends a good bit of time exploring this position:

Moving from seated position, to about to push up into ready-to-crawl position.

She’s had a few nose-dives onto the floor but nothing too bad (that is, no forehead bruises yet…I am sure I will be more upset about the first one than she is).  She seems to prefer the slow-experimentation method, waiting until she is sure and feels more stable.  Soon she will be crawling, often towards Tico, we imagine.

Ready to crawl to Tico

I’ll try to get a video of this in the next few days.

One of her favorite play things is a blanket. Any one will do. She can wrap herself up, play peek-a-boo with us, and otherwise entertain herself (and us). We have to take advantage of naked-play time while we can. It is cooling off quickly here.  Already 32 degrees this morning!

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