Lunch time chat

Another video of Mia at lunch with us earlier in August:

This is pretty much how she rolls: happy, chatty, and active.  As I mentioned in my last post, she is quite content at restaurants.  And she loves to be outside, so restaurant patios are ideal places as far as she is concerned.  She is talking more and more all the time (and this video is several weeks old, so now even more and different sound combinations).  She often says “dadada” and now even “mamama” though it is unclear whether the sound is always connected to the meaning.  Either way, we love listening to her growing vocalizations.

Notice how much she plays with her feet, not to mention that amazing baby-flexibility.  She also does some waving in this video, and now will do that double-handed wave on queue, for example when Papa is coming or going, or at me from her car seat via the mirror.

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I am a mother and a wife, lady scientist, gardener, fabulous cook, foodie, world traveler, and aspiring polymath. I like to ignore stereotypes, challenge the status quo and encourage independent thought.
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