Lunch time nap

Here is a short video from a late afternoon lunch up at one of our favorite restaurants in Telluride: Warning: you may want to turn the volume DOWN because there were some very loud people at a nearby table and pretty much all you can hear is their conversation.  Plus sound is not necessary to enjoy this clip.

Generally, Mia falls asleep for her morning and afternoon naps in one of the following ways: (1) in my arms, after eating, (2) while walking in her stroller or being carried in the Ergo (the latter is not quite in my arms but close…though we’re moving as opposed to sitting still, thus categorized with the walking to sleep), or (3) while driving in the car.  With method number 1, the trick is then to transfer her someplace — usually our bed or the guest bed — without her waking and protesting; that is not an easy task but does occasionally happen.  I have never been able to transfer her to her crib for a nap, which is interesting because at night I always transfer her to her crib without incident.  Methods 2 & 3 are much more common than method 1.

Anyway, as you can see in this video, she is just hanging out with us at the restaurant, periodically chewing on a piece of crusty (& delicious) bread, and she falls sound asleep.  The video begins with her in her classic pre-sleep position, which is turning her head to the side.  Once she fell asleep, we converted the seat to the reclining position (see photo below) and she slept through the rest of our lunch and then for another hour while we strolled around town.

Lunch time nap

She has always liked going out to restaurants.  I think she likes watching the people and all the action.  But this was a first and, we thought, pretty darn adorable.

She is currently transitioning from two naps per day to one nap per day, and that is an interesting process.  More on that later.  Also will try to post more videos for you.

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