Sitting up

We tried out Mia’s high chair for the first time today (just sitting in it, no food yet).

"What? You mean this is my very own chair!?!"

Mia LOVES Tico! Although he probably doesn't realize it, Tico is the ancillary beneficiary of this new feeding arrangement.

As you may have guessed, processed and store-bought baby food are not on her menu.  Those jars of food make me want to gag!  (I know some of you have actually tasted jarred baby food at baby showers…and I have watched some of you gag and/or make horrid faces.)  Why on earth would I give that stuff to my daughter?  How can anyone expect a child to learn to like food with that awful introduction?

Our kiddo will have only real, whole foods that we prepare ourselves.  At this point, we haven’t exactly decided what her first meal will be.  Options include avocado, sweet potatoes, banana, yogurt or a single-grain super baby porridge (the latter from Super Baby Food).  I have been doing plenty of reading on the subject: (only!) three books on feeding baby so far (in addition to the many general subject baby books).

There is a concept called baby-led weaning that I am quite interested in…we might go that route and skip the pureed/mushed food all together.  Check out these sites for more info on baby-led weaning:

Whatever the format, Mia will be trying food soon and you can read about & see pics of how it goes here.

Mia approves of her chair! (Not to worry: we will adjust the harness and move the chair into the dining room before the fun begins.)


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