Video update

Mia has been experimenting with her voice, making all kinds of sounds.  I’ve been meaning to try and capture her “talking” on video but that’s not always easy and, besides, I’d rather hang out and be present with her in those moments than run off to grab the camera.  But today, the camera was right beside me while I was eating lunch and I got this video.  On first glance, it might appear as nothing too exciting: just a bit of talking, a few smiles, and playing with her wooden ring…she was pretty sleepy (we had a nap right after I filmed this).  Nevertheless, I thought I would share it with those of you who are interested because you can see how much more she is talking, watch her think about and use those hands, and see how much more responsive she is getting to be.  If you look closely, you can see there is a lot going on here.

Some of the sounds scare me…and you’ll hear those here (beginning part of the video): she has figured out how to make noise by breathing in but it kind of sounds like she is gasping for air.  She only does it occasionally and we’re pretty sure she is just playing around with her vocal abilities.

She loves chewing on things right now, especially this wooden toy (I call this one her “German friends” b/c it was made in Germany by Haba).  She is pretty relaxed with the chewing here…quite often she really goes to town on whatever she can get in her mouth.  And everything she can get her hands on goes straight into her mouth.

Another thing to chew on

Another thing to chew on

There is a moment where she is trying to pick up her toy, thinks she has it in her hand, starts bringing it to her mouth, realizes she has her other hand (not the toy), then tries again for the toy.  I rather enjoy watching her thinking processes.  So glad I get to spend more time doing just that!

Oh, and she grabbed her feet for the first time today!  She had already “discovered” them, but now she can hold them, too.  I’m sure they will be in her mouth soon…


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