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Get a hold of this

Recent developments…captured on Papa’s phone (photos from January 22nd):So fun to watch Mia grow.

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New things

Some firsts for today: We walked our 2-mile loop, which we haven’t done since the day before Mia was born.  And the first time all three of us went on such a long walk together.  Mia slept most of the … Continue reading

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A little bit mouthy

Everything that Mia can grab onto goes into her mouth.  Of course, fingers are often in her mouth.  And she is drooling pretty much constantly. We’re also doing much more diaper-free time, because it gives her so much more mobility.  … Continue reading

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Frame of reference

Aaron snapped these photos yesterday on his phone, while Mia was talking to him. The one below (professional photo) was taken on December 10th. Comparison of those two really shows how much she is growing! Especially when we recall how … Continue reading

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Something to Talk About

Check out this video clip of Mia talking to Pink Dog: She is talking more and more all the time!  So pensive and expressive!  It is a joy to watch and to wonder about what she is saying.  

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Altered course

As of last Wednesday morning, I am officially a stay-at-home Mom!!!  That is, at least until Mia is 1 year old.  Aaron and I are so happy that we are in a place in our lives where this luxury is … Continue reading

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