Covering the cutest bum

No, I won’t post pictures of Mia’s bum here.  Not today, at least.  Though she does have an adorable bum.

Instead I will tell you about the diapers she is wearing.  You can click on the “Diapers” link on the right to get the background on our diaper deliberations and choices.  You’ve already seen (from my last post) how much she has grown in all of her 11.5 weeks.  So, while the prefolds and infant covers still fit her, we’ve transitioned to the Bum Genius pocket diapers.  We started using these diapers in early November, when she was about 8 pounds.

Mia in Bum Genius diaper (Nov 20th)

These are adjustable, with three settings, which means we will use these until she is using the toilet.  While they are on the smallest setting, they are pretty bulky.  One down side of the bulk is that these diapers won’t fit under her smaller clothes (i.e., the newborn size stuff and even some of the 0-3 month stuff).

We have a total of 22 diapers and we’re washing diapers every other day.  The short, cold and sometimes cloudy days don’t lend themselves to using the retractable clothesline I was so excited about.  So for now, we usually dry diapers on the expandable wooden drying rack and dry inserts either on the rack or in the dryer, though occasionally I put the diapers in the sun to take advantage of the bleaching abilities.  I’m looking forward to longer days and a return to outdoor drying.  Thank goodness it the solstice is right around the corner!

So far, we are very pleased with these diapers.  The wicking layer keeps her bum nice and dry, day and night, and the insert soaks up an amazing amount of pee.  And our little girl is apparently very well hydrated (even more important in the desert, folks) because she pees a LOT.  With the prefolds, her tush would get red from being wet, even during the day, when we change her diaper at least every two hours, and especially at night with less frequent diaper changes.  Now, we’ve transitioned into not changing her diaper at all at night! In the mornings, the insert is soaking wet but her bum is nice and dry, and very white.

Hope all the bums in your life stay nice, clean and dry.

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