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When the sun stands still

Happy Solstice!  I’m actually a bit early, as the winter solstice is technically at 5:30 AM on December 22nd (tomorrow).  I hope you all enjoy the shortest day of the year!  Now, much to my delight, the days will be … Continue reading

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Holiday parties

The holiday season means lots of holiday parties.  This year, we’re skipping most of them to accommodate Mia’s bedtime schedule.  We have already established a great nighttime sleep schedule, and we want to stick to that as much as possible … Continue reading

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Give me your best shot

Trying to get a good passport photo of a 3-month old is not an easy thing to do.  After reading instructions on the Department of State webpage and reviewing examples of others’ attempts online, we had two sessions at home.  … Continue reading

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A few of our favorite things

Have I mentioned that Mia LOVES her changing table?  In fact, she loves it so much that we call it the ‘magic table’.  She also loves her hand-me-down gifts and black and white picture books.  We were lucky enough to … Continue reading

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Covering the cutest bum

No, I won’t post pictures of Mia’s bum here.  Not today, at least.  Though she does have an adorable bum. Instead I will tell you about the diapers she is wearing.  You can click on the “Diapers” link on the … Continue reading

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Big for our britches

Not too big for her britches, but Mia is getting big!  Check out these photos of her in a prefold diaper at 5 days old and again at 10 weeks old.  She looks so tiny at 5 days old! Yes, … Continue reading

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