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Things I will miss about being pregnant

<Note I started this post while pregnant and last edited it on Sept. 14th, which was about 7 days before Mia was born.  I had planned to publish it before the Bean/Mia arrived.> The other day, a friend said, “What … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I have so much to be thankful for!  I won’t even try to list everything…but here are two at the top of my list: Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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Thumbs up

Mia is growing fast!  She is almost 9 weeks old and we’re delighted at watching her grow.  Every day, she is more and more alert.  On Sunday, she was definitely deliberately communicating with Aaron.  It was the coolest exchange to … Continue reading

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Baby, its cold outside!

Baby, its cold outside! And we have just the thing to keep our baby warm: First, we ordered the 3-month size because we thought she would need room to grow into it.  But that was ridiculously large.  So we returned … Continue reading

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Lessons from Granny and Grammy

We’ve been lucky to have both our mothers in town for a good visit with Mia.  Both Granny (Aaron’s mom) and Grammy (my mom) were amazingly helpful.  They did dishes, cleaned our house, did laundry, cooked, and provided great support … Continue reading

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Lovely girl

A couple photos of our little goose… More to come soon: we have been enjoying visits from grandmothers, and more happy alert time almost every day.  Mia is growing fast and keeping us busy.  Hope you all are well!

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The Condensed Version: Mia’s birth

Apparently, I need quite a bit of time to get all these stories written down.  And I’ve had many inquiries about our recent experiences (from those of you who haven’t already heard), which I alluded to in a previous blog.  … Continue reading

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