Getting ready

We’re almost done with the Bean’s room and we’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out in there this weekend.  It is a very comfortable room, with 4 windows that provide lovely light.  We’re still waiting for the curtains to arrive, so we have resorted to the hippie-style tapestries to cover the windows for now.

Aaron renovated the whole room and the closet by himself.  He did a fabulous job!  We’ll have more photos forthcoming, but here are a few for now.

I’ve started washing all of Baby’s clothes, blankets and diapers.  We just bought a retractable clothesline (for the back yard) and a wooden drying rack.  The latter is light weight and easily portable, so we can use it in any room of the house.  For now, I prefer drying Baby’s things upstairs, instead of in the basement (where the washer and dryer are), so I set up the drying rack in Bean’s room.

Receiving and swaddle blankets on drying rack

Since we’re doing cloth diapers, we’ll be doing many loads of laundry.  I want to air dry Baby’s clothing as much as possible for two reasons:  to save energy and to eliminate the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets.  (Topic for a future post: Laundry in general…for example, guess how many nasty chemicals are in both fabric softener and dryer sheets?!  Too many for our baby.)  Anyway, the clothesline and drying rack will be quite convenient for drying diapers in any kind of weather.

First load of laundry for the Bean: all washed and folded (this is the top of the changing table).

Then we got our Baby Ergo carrier in the mail (thanks to gift cards from some of our TX clan!), and Aaron was wearing it around the house.  He is looking forward to wearing our Baby!  We’re excited to have multiple options to carry Baby in: the Moby wrap and the Ergo.  I can’t wait to try them both on…alas, that is not an option while I am pregnant because the real thing makes a good fit difficult.  Doesn’t the Ergo look good on Aaron?

Aaron wearing the Ergo carrier (with stuffed dog)

And, while we were hanging out in Bean’s room, Aaron thought it was a good time to practice using the snappies we recently acquired.  Snappies are the little devices we will use to fasten the prefold diapers on newborn Baby (see photo below).  Aaron put the diaper on this stuffed dog…if you can’t practice on a baby, why not a stuffed animal?

Modeling a prefold diaper, fastened with a “snappy”

Then the diaper covers go on top of the prefolds.

Stuffed dog modeling prefold diaper with diaper cover

We’re having a lovely time getting ready for Baby’s arrival.  It is pretty ridiculous how entertained we are to wash, dry, fold and arrange these adorable things.  At some point, we’ll have to fess up to the Bean that we are total dorks.  Although, Bean probably already knows that.

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