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Weekend photos

Another weekend with our typical activities of late: Saturday morning at the Growers Market, working & cooking at the house, and working on Baby’s room.  We were also treated to a lovely baby shower by our friends.

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An elevated diaphragm & expanding rib cage

So this is what is going on right now: Your diaphragm is now elevated and tilted because of pressure from your enlarging uterus. This change causes your rib cage to flair, or open up slightly.  The circumference of your chest … Continue reading

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Almost 35 weeks

Just had our prenatal visit and happy to report that all is well.  My fundal height (measure for the size of my uterus, which is proxy for the size of the Bean) is right on target, and everything else is … Continue reading

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Diaper Inventory is Growing

We’re building up our diaper inventory!  Thanks to lots of generous friends and colleagues, we now have 12 Bum Genius diapers, plus 12 prefolds and 4 infant diaper covers. The bulk of the diapers came as a group gift from … Continue reading

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Planning to take it easier

We have been very busy lately.  I am ready to slow things down a bit. Our calendar is mostly open — and we intend to keep it that way — between now the arrival of our Bean.  Bean is doing … Continue reading

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Fire Season

New Mexico, along with much of the Southwest, had a pretty bad fire season this year, thanks to severe drought, high winds and low humidity.  Thankfully, the monsoon season started up in July and put a damper on several of … Continue reading

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Parental requirements

No work today…I took the day off. I think I will work right up until the Little Bean decides to come out…that’s the plan anyway.  In the meantime, I will take a day off here and there to do stuff … Continue reading

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Potential for a pantload of savings

Apparently, cloth diapers are becoming quite popular these days.  Here is a link to a recent story on NPR about cloth diapers: This article cites yet another great benefit of cloth diapers: cost.  According to Christy Reed of Everything … Continue reading

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32 weeks

Ok, no opinionated rants today.  Just a couple photos of my growing belly.  Little Bean is growing bigger and stronger every day.  The Bean is already head down and spends much of his/her time with their little butt pressing up … Continue reading

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If it is good for pregnant ladies…

We had a lovely morning at the Downtown Grower’s Market on Saturday.  We found a nice spot in the shade and lounged for most of the morning, talked to friends, listened to music, watched all the kids playing and dancing, … Continue reading

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