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Go take a hike

We drove up to the east side of the Sandias for an afternoon hike today.  The Crest Trail is perfect this time of year because it is so much cooler up there (10,000 feet above sea level vs. 5,000 ft … Continue reading

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Growing baby and tomatoes

We’re doing both this summer.  Baby is growing well and has about 9.5 weeks to go.  Tomatoes are starting to ripen, as shown in this Tuesday night photo. We have two varieties in this half barrel to my right: pink … Continue reading

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All my sources say the better shape a pregnant lady is in, the easier it is to birth your baby, and the faster the recovery.   Not to mention the many benefits for Little Bean, both directly, such as more oxygen … Continue reading

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Things that make this pregnant lady happy

There are countless things that make me happy.  Here are a few of the latest, in no particular order: The strawberry milkshake I am eating right now. Feeling the Little Bean moving around and knowing (s)he is comfy, cozy, and … Continue reading

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Birthing Class Number Two

Today was the second day of our two-day birthing class.  We are feeling well prepared and ready for birth.  Well, not ready right this minute, but ready when the time comes…which is whenever the Little Bean decides (s)he is ready … Continue reading

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Birthing Class Number One

Yesterday was part one of our 2-day birthing class.  We spent the whole day with six other pregnant ladies, their birthing partners, and our midwife, Jenny, who is also the instructor. Five of seven pregnant ladies are planning home births: … Continue reading

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Wearing a tiara in Texas

We were in Texas last weekend for a baby shower.  We had a fabulous time and are so fortunate to have such great family and friends. The massive amount of stuff required for a baby is overwhelming, but even more … Continue reading

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Lazy summer weekends

Every weekend should be a three day weekend!  Here are a few photos for our far-away friends and family.  Here I am sitting in front of the computer.  Blogging maybe? Or reading reviews of baby products? These are from Saturday … Continue reading

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Saturday snacks

All fresh, local ingredients. Well, almost all local.  Tomatoes from local grower, basil from our back yard, ciabatta (bread) from La Quiche Parisienne (Bruno sells out of ciabatta by 8 or 9 AM every weekend), and made-that-day mozarella from local … Continue reading

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