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Water birth for a water scientist

Upon learning that I am a hydrologist, a woman in my prenatal yoga class said “Oh, well, it makes sense that you would want a water birth.”  The connection wasn’t immediately obvious to me (which I blame on pregnancy brain), … Continue reading

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My favorite snack foods

Eating as much as I need to is hard work.  I pretty much eat all day long, and in-between-meal snacks are something I have to plan out lest I get caught without real food.  Here are some of my favorite … Continue reading

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End of 2nd Trimester

I’m about 26 weeks right now, which is the end of the 2nd trimester.  That means only three more months before we get to meet our baby! Hard to believe I’ve been pregnant for six months: seems like it was … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Aaron, soon-to-be-father, is working on Father’s Day.  He painted Baby’s room today.  We prepped it last night.  (I was allowed to help with taping the room, but not allowed on the ladder.  Nor am I allowed to help with paint, … Continue reading

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Diaper Decisions

After much deliberation (see recent post: Little Bean’s first stuff), we’ve decided to go with the Bum Genius cloth diapers.  This is a “pocket diaper”, consisting of two basic parts: The diaper, which has a water proof outer layer and … Continue reading

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Week 25 status

Getting bored with the pregnant mama status and decided we should include papa, too.  He has been working hard to take good care of me and the Bean. One of his favorite pastimes is monitoring my diet and weight gain.  … Continue reading

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Oh Baby, the Places You’ll Go!

After the first reading of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss, Aaron and I were thinking it might not be the best fit for our still-cooking Little Bean. (Sidebar: Anyone who knows me realizes that I am a … Continue reading

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Eat more protein!

Aaron is concerned I am not eating enough.  He is especially worried about my protein intake.  So this is what he made me for dinner… Yum! It was tasty. I am stuffed.

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Bedtime stories

Is it too early to read to Little Bean?  I think not.  I’ve already been talking and singing to him/her.  I made a CD with songs I picked out just for Baby, and we’ve bought a couple CD’s that I’ve … Continue reading

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Little Bean’s first stuff!

We now have baby stuff in the house! If you read my previous blog, you know I am a bit apprehensive about all the stuff we’ll be acquiring.  How, you may wonder, can anyone be scared of this stuff? How … Continue reading

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